Applying for Jobs in Sports

The interest in working in the sports industry is increasing, but many of those seeking an opportunity  do not know where or how to start their search. There are two steps I have devised that have helped me receive job opportunities in the sports industry, and are what I consider to be the basis to job hunting, specifically in sports:

  1. Decide what you want to do – There are numerous departments, or categories, within the industry you can work in. The best thing to do is to find the category that most interest you, or you have the most experience in, and specialize in that. Having an overall focus is great, and can set you apart from your competitors. Also, remember, being knowledgeable in only one category can  limit you. It’s best to have a general focus, for example Public Relations, but also have experience in related areas, like Marketing, Advertising and Electronic Media. Many of the positions in the sports industry overlap, or work with various departments in the company, so being well rounded can put you a step above your competition.
  2. Do work – Once you figure out what you want to do start working towards it. Experience is the key when it comes to working in the sports industry. Internships not only look good on paper, but they give you the real world experience you need to be competitive. Also, internships usually lead to a full-time job, starting you off to the career you want, once you graduate.

A great place to search for internships and job openings is TeamWork Online. They are a job matching engine, linking millions of applicants to over 750 sports and live events employers.

Here is a video that gives 7 more tips on job hunting in sports.

Darren Rovell, ESPN Sports Business  Reporter, tells “How to Land Your Dream Job In Sports”.


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